Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Stuff

Think About It!
I like this little banner.

I am officially sold out of the third issue of Sorry for Snake. Thanks to everyone who bought it for buying it.

I am also sold out of Dearest Children of the Revolution, I am Pleased to Announce my Resignation. A special edition of the chapbook will be out soon.

Also, also, also, Sara Mumolo's chapbook, Brain in a Vat, will be out soon.

Sorry for Snake 4 is out now. There's a contest to get a free copy. For details, email me. To buy one, you can go here.

Tonight is Clay's party. I will go to that. Tomorrow is the last Pegasus reading I know for sure will take place, so I will go to that, too. Sad. I am sad that the East Bay will suffer such a crushing blow with Clay's departure from Pegasus. I will have to start buying poetry online like everyone else I guess. Will Diesel pick up the slack?

I didn't sleep last night.

The sun lit the morning blue, and I realized it was a new day.

I spent the night writing things that have no value.

1 comment:

Ammie said...

Yes, Diesel may be picking up the slack. More details from Trevor.

And don't buy online! Trevor is the poetry buyer at Diesel, and if you want something they don't have he will order it, nice boy that he is.