Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poetry Lately

Many interesting and/or fun things happened in poetry last week.

First, I got some poems published at Back Room Live, which used to be a monthly reading series in Oakland and now is an awesome online poetry journal.

Then, a poet named Jeremy Czerw wrote me an email and told me he loved The Berenstain Bears Go to Church, a chapbook that Wheelhouse published.

Finally, someone freaked out about my "How to Join a Motorcycle Gang" poem on this blog. I'd kind of forgotten about that piece. I like it very much.
  • I've been writing more, too.
  • I am going to start posting here five days a week again.
  • How sexy is that motorcycle picture?
  • I still do not have a motorcycle.
  • I only have a Subaru, and it's leased.
  • I would like to be the first asthmatic to ride across the country on a motorcycle.
  • Che famously did a lot of north/south biking.
  • I am the white Che Guevara.
  • When I read a lot of Allen Ginsberg, I thought I was a communist.
  • Today, I just have strong feelings about equality and motorcycles.


Alphonse Berber Gallery said...

You are not the white Che, maybe the Che of poetry


Sky Jack Morgan said...

I might not be the white Che. . . the white Obama?

Hannah VanderHart said...

You are hilarious. I'm going to hear Rae Armantrout read tonight, and one of your babe pics came up with her name attached(Sept 2007 blog entry) they say, the rest is history.

Also I was intrigued by your penis/church poem comparison---I have a penchant for "church poems" but, alas, the first years in our MFA program here at Mason appear to have a fixation with male genitalia. I hope you wrote your vagina poem...

Do you like Scott Cairns? I just heard him read on Sunday. You want a man who can write a sick poem on death, he's your guy. Phenomenal.

best, hv