Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boobie Game via PETA

I like this little game.
Breasts Not Tests Animal Banner
I am feeling a little more militant than usual about animal rights. I think that I am going to apply for a job at PETA.

MBH's uncle had a heart attack. They are having a hard time fixing him up because of a blockage in his carotid artery.

I am having a hard time not saying anything about the fact that there's only one thing inextricably linked to such a condition: eating meat. It would be unkind to say it anywhere else but on the internet. No one in MBH's family uses the interwebs.

Remember kids, there's only one kind of food that gives us cholesterol.


Unknown said...

Good for you, animal welfare is something I am strongly behind. If you decide to go for the job, best of luck! You might want to have a look at the amazing animal rights posters done by our kids in the animal rights competition - - they are all winners if you ask me! They show real talent for such young people, they are really inspiring. To me this shows that concerns about animal rights are very important to young people today too, and hopefully we can work peacefully in the future to help improve animal welfare across the world. :-) xxx

Brandi Limited said...

when are you going to delete the dropsy blog? if never, can i pay you to?

yours in him,

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I love imitation meat, though.