Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is a very busy week.

Sara Mumolo's book will come out this week.
The city of Oakland is turning the poster I did for the Studio One Reading Series into a massive mailing. I haven't designed something for capricious consumption on that level for a long time. While I have been more rock-star on the poetry circuit, I have been less rock-star on the visual arts front. And since the fall of Pegasus, I've been a bit nervous about what would happen to my penchant for poster production.

I woke up yesterday missing Europe. I don't miss it every day. I felt a bit naff, and when I chatted with Sara found out that she was much the same, so I cajoled her into seeing a "stupid-funny movie" with me. (get smart)

I left the house feeling ugly and friendless with the baggiest clothes I have and the darkest sunglasses the law allows. There were no cute animals and I could smell the smoke from distant fires that reminded me of other fires near other cities I've lived in. I thought about my lungs. I just wanted to walk to cafe Lyon for Kombucha without thinking of any internal organs. But I was thinking about my lungs when a bright and swift rush of fresh air pushed me right out of my rut. Like blowing on a stylus hard enough to make it jump from the groove, a charming woman.

I am not going to review "Get Smart." It is good if you like stupid-funny movies.
I found out that the Grand in Oakland gives you free popcorn on Monday through Thursday.

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