Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Reading Tonight

Yesterday I received a postcard. Every time I get a postcard I think it's a rejection letter. I don't know how I equate the two since I don't think I have ever received a postcard that was a rejection letter. I love postcards from friends in faraway places. This postcard was from a new friend in a place not so faraway. This postcard was from a charming woman.

I am reading tonight at Adobe Books in SF near 16th and Mission with Sophie Sills. It's free! You should come.

I went to see John Ford's "Tis Pity She's a Whore" last night at A.C.T. It was great to get out of the smoky night for a few hours, and the play was very good. Bonfire Madigan Shive does the music and is on stage all night. She does a great job. The play will go on for at least a couple more weeks, so you should go see it. You can get pretty good tickets for fifteen bucks!

Mike Young wrote this, and I like it.

I saw Pericles a little while back at Orinda Cal Shakes, totally worth seeing as well but no longer playing; hopefully their Uncle Vanya will be worth seeing. It's a good summer for plays. A really good season so far.

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savage pig barn said...

sorry i missed your i'm reading tonight. i woulda been hella late b/c no more wallet to buy more tickets for the train unless i