Friday, March 30, 2007

Nice Things, like Flowers and Squirrels

I love how the incendiary posts seem to draw more attention than anything.

So much is taken seriously in the poetry world. But I bet you all love the snark more than the navel-gazing, happy-go-lucky blogs.

Thank you for caring about the Trainwreck Union. We love Kate Greenstreet and everyone else in the poetry world. Jack Morgan, the one maintaining this blog, likes to mix things up now and then, and the rest of the Trainwreck Union gets on his case and makes him reedit posts in order to mitigate their inflammatory content. The process seems to work well enough.

He is probably the worst, stupidest person in the Union, but we all tolerate him because he seems to kinda care about art.


Sara Mumolo just got a teaching fellowship at St. Mary's!!! This is wicked retarded because she will be able to stick around the bay and manage to leave school without being broke for the rest of her life. Well, she'll be a poet, so she might still be broke. . . but not as broke. I, for one, am extremely happy for her.


We are getting geared up for Mama Buzz Cafe on the 27th. This disaster will be much bigger than anything we've done. The streets will flow with effluence and tears. Bring vegetables to throw at our M.C. Guess who it's going to be! You'll love to hate him.


CLAY BANES said...

i love hanging out a mama buzz. i'll see you there.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

It should be quite an experience. Many new readers from the trainwreck union will be strutting their stuff.

New New New. Yay