Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Two of our founding members got into Brown. Getting into Brown's poetry program is kind of a big deal, but that's not all of it. Three of our founding members will be attending fancy schools come next term, and we should be very proud of them and congratulate them every time we see them. They've got very big decisions to make because they were accepted to several schools each, all fancy ones, too! Isn't it exciting? Some day we will be able to say, "I knew them when we were in the Trainwreck Union together," and people will be impressed and want to be your friend because you once knew these shooting stars of poetry.

Pablo Lopez says it's between Brown and Iowa for him. Wow!
Sara Mumolo says she's considering St. Mary's, Pitt, and New School. Zowie!
I don't know where Sarah Stone wants to go, but she's a genius and got in everywhere she wanted! Woo-hoo!

Right now, in fact, Sara is in Pittsburgh, being courted by their fancy staff and faculty. She sent me this today. It's an interesting piece on Gertrude Stein by Lynn Emanuel. Miraculously, I liked it very much and have nothing negative to say about it at all.

Last night several trainwrecks occurred on College Avenue. Someone had the bright idea to leave Ralleigh's, raid Nabolom, and hit every bar on College. Chad even came out!!! Pablo and I (Jack) got into a huge argument about poetry, and Connie Coady was like, "you guys always talk like this about poetry?" In stereo, we turned to her and said "OF COURSE!" Connie got into it a bit when Gertrude Stein came up, as she invariably does. No one will escape Gertrude Stein. No one!

One more thing. Pablo, instead of cherishing his acceptance letters to places like Columbia, which I think many people do for a little while before tossing them, he wrote poetry on the back of all of them. For some reason I think this is rather cool. Good for you, Pablo.


CLAY BANES said...

tell pablo to go to brown.

hank said...

tell pablo to go fuck himself.