Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye, Walter White


I like this image of Walter White. I took it from, where several great articles about the show live. I'm sad the show is over. I'm really hoping BETTER CALL SAUL doesn't suck. 

Nothing surprised me about the denouement, having spent so much time with Bill Shakespeare, except maybe everyone in Walt's family, save Hank, survived. I expected at least Skyler to die, leaving the kids to be raised by her childless, flawed, Constance-like sister. 

I liked the Hamlet stuff in the end with the showdown/shoot-out that leaves Walt to die slowly until a flight of Angels sings him to his rest, and Fortinbras' troops storm the castle. And Jesse escapes like a Mad Tom O'Bedlam or maybe even a Malvolio whose galling had gone too far. 

The whole show was filled with Shakespearean Easter eggs. If I'd been an enthusiast of the show from the beginning, I would have Loved to document them all like a Trekkie. But now it's over, and Vince Gilligan has built up enough trust for another go around with one of my favorite character actors, Bob Odenkirk. I look forward to the adventures of Saul Goodman. Goodbye, Walter White. 

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