Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Time I went To Licking Hole Creek Craft Brewery


Yesterday, I went to Licking Hole Craft Brewery in  Goochland. The beer was good. They have an estate brew called the Gentleman Farmer that uses all hops grown right there on the property. Delicious. They're also growing Barley, but I don't think any of that has made it into a beer just yet. Their Trippel is tasty, and I dug their saison, too. 

The entire craft beer scene was in full affect. The guys from Hardywood were there, and we chatted about beer and distribution and the fact that Virginia Eagle just bought Guiffre, a fact that I am totally excited about. The brewer from a Strange Ways was there, and he introduced me to the brewer at Licking Hole. I also met the captains of beer clubs and all sorts of beer geeks and enthusiasts. 

The brewery is gorgeous. And the land it sits on is stunning. Going there,  you feel like you're driving to a vineyard rather than a brewery, and the entry to their gravel road is guarded by a few Shetland ponies. Apparently there are also beavers in those parts. I've never seen a living beaver. 

The beer scene in Richmond is always a great treat.

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