Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dark Abby from Devil's Backbone. She's Here!

After some labeling issues, Dark Abby is finally here. It's a Belgian Mountain-style Dubbel that's got a bit of a sohrgum thing going on for a silky texture on the sweet side.

There's a "secret spice mix" swirling around in there that gives you an earthiness you'll enjoy plus plenty of work for your brain to do while it tries to figure out just exactly what is in the bottle. Meanwhile, the brown sugar notes preoccupy your thoughts for a moment, and well, the label is sexy too.

And there's a great story behind it all. Remember Azrael? If you don't, don't fret, she'll be back May. Anyway, Azrael's twin sister, her "dark twin," is Abby. So the girl on the bottle is related in theme and by blood to Azrael, which is kind of a nice touch for die-hard Devil's Backbone fans like myself. What thrilling adventures will Azrael and Abby get into?

The pic with the lips and the bottle cap is from a cool blog I found called A Cap A Day. Check out her beer reviews and pictures.

If you were lucky enough to get an unlabeled sample, your already know how good this beer is. If not, you only have to visit your local beer store to find out now.

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