Thursday, January 24, 2013

Black Crown Is Coming

I've had Black Crown, and I like it. It's an easy drinking gateway drug to craft beer. If I saw it at a party, I would drink it. If I was at a bar and they didn't have a beer I was curious about or something else I had to have, I would order it. It's that good.

Basically, it's a darkish lager that's still light enough to drink fast, but at 6% ABV, most light-weights shouldn't. I would pair it with smoky cheeses or anything with chipotle . . . or anything else smoky. The bigger body and ultimate drinkability will make a hit at Fourth of July parties and barbecues this spring and summer. I would totally drink one of these on a hot day.

And if you're thinking you're one of those people who always says Budweiser gives them a headache, I defy you to say that about Black Crown. It's smoother and rounder and tastes like they dialed back the adjunct grains but left the beech wood conditioning in. I'm not gushing about this beer, but I'm here to say it's totally worth a try and a couple repeat visits, and if it sticks around in the market, I hope to see it at parties and celebrations where I'd normally see the old red and white labelled Bud.


The way they're advertising it is pretty sexy. A Super Bowl commercial is going to really push it, and it's bound to sell everywhere because of that alone. Hopefully it'll have some staying power though. Black Crown is like Bud Light's sexier older brother all the hot chicks want to hang out with long enough to kiss at the stroke of midnight.

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