Friday, August 3, 2012

George Washington Werewolf

I read this good book this week. It's about the American Revolution against England and Werewolves. If you like either of those things, you'll like it too.
Kevin Postupack knows his history, and it really shows—not in the boring way so many history buffs write, but you get the sense that he is so comfortable with history he's able to trust his reader to get the wink and nod that he throws your way.

Along with the humor that you'd expect from a parody like this, he throws in a good dollop of horror that kept me interested. I really liked it, and I normally don't go in for werewolf books, or I never have. He doesn't let the jokes get boring or tedious, which seems to be the twitch most revisionist horror writers have. Once I get the joke, I usually want to put down the book, but Postupack keeps it fresh and fun.

To be critical, I wish we got to spend a little more time with the English so that their defeat was a bit more well-deserved. Cornwallis isn't introduced until the last chapter, and that's too bad because I would like to have him more deserving of his trouncing. Postupack trusts his reader a little too much there, expecting us to know that Cornwallis doesn't really show up until later in the war, and it's seldom in war we get a real villainous Hitler-type character. But seeing as how his imagination is so great, I think he could have just invented one, and no one would have minded.

All-in-all, a really fun and thrilling read. I liked it better than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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