Friday, August 3, 2012

Clerihews for Trainwreck Union readers at THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN. 27 Apri 2007l @ Mama Buzz in Oakland

I wrote these for the poets I was introducing at the Mama Buzz reading of the Trainwreck Union. It was a great show. It was crazy to stumble across this on my computer. I haven't seen most of these people in a very long time. Some of them I miss horribly. I had a falling out with others. But there was a time when we were pretty awesome.

Hairy Scary J-Rod Roland
Met a girl in Warsaw Poland
She wasn’t bothered by taboos
until he showed her his crazy tattoos

Sweet little Gillian Hamel
By far the sweetest mammal
but if you try any crazy tricks
she’ll kill you with her ninja kicks

Cunning Connie Coady
All the jealous girls say she’s grody
For a catholic school girl that she once was
they can’t believe the shit she does

Slick Nick Roth
Quick as a three-toed sloth
I wouldn’t say he’s slow
He knows things that I’ll never know.

Madame Sara Mumolo
She has no need for gigolo
She’s the one they wanna take out
but she only wants to make out.

Happy Arron Pawlowics
knows brevity is the soul of wits
but he laughs so loud and so high
that he very nearly made me cry

Beautiful Beatrix Chan
She always has a plan
she went all the way to presidio
just to film a porno video

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