Monday, March 8, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

First, I played music with my band, The Murder Bros. It was the first time we really got some songs together and felt like were making progress as a band. I'm extremely fortunate to have such talented people to play with. I'm learning at a much faster rate with them, and I have a willingness to try things outside of my comfort zone.

My margarita birthday party was awesome. I had some good friends over, and we "celebrated in style." And my fiancee made "salsa non queso," a delightful vegan alternative to the Mexican delicacy. We stayed up late and talked all night, and fun was had by all. Living with a woman who organizes parties and runs a restaurant is one of the greatest things I can recommend doing. You should fall for someone with that in mind.
Jamba's growing a ridiculous mustache
for a contest at his work.

The next day, I slept almost the whole day away, but after that, Mary and I went to register our wedding gifts at Target. At Target, they give you a kick ass laser gun to get yourself all taken care of.
Jack Morgan and a laser beamAfter that, we went to Food Lion to get something to quickly make to eat. I showed them what I thought of their canned cocktail weenies. Someone begged me to buy them beer. Food Lion is "pretty ghetto."


Cafe Confidential said...

And, ladies, when looking for a mate, please keep in mind: goofy jugglers who can make you laugh.

Glad you had a nice birthday and I was part of it!

Cafe Confidential said...

Nice ravens. I think they're cooler than the brains.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I like the brains for the zombie posts and ravens for other posts. I think I'll have to set up a new HR when I have the chance.