Saturday, August 30, 2008

No One Cares about McCain.

So McCain is giving a crazy lady from Alaska a round-trip tour of America. That's nice.
I can' t imagine wanting to have anything to do with someone who tries to use her influence to get her sister's ex-husband fired. But who cares? He's unelectable. The press wants a close race so that they have something to talk about, but there's no possible way that it will be.

Sure, some states will go red. Those people who are afraid of homosexuals and brown people will always go red. The color of fear in America has always been red. But as long as we have someone on our side who is strong enough to stand in the face of fear, we stand a chance. Right now, that's Barack Obama. I've always been Democrat, but I have never had the faith in a representative that I have in him. And I'm not alone. 38 Million people watched the Brack Obama accept his party's nomination. Do you think that McCain will strike fear in the hearts of that many people?

In November, the Republicans will attempt to thwart the will of the people by making sure that polling booths in certain neighborhoods are inefficient, that machines break down, that their lists are inadequate. But that won't make any difference. Americans are finally waking up. I am happy to be living in such an exciting time. The dawn is always a beautiful tiem to be alive.

I hope the governor of Alaska enjoys her tour, though.

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