Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Thought My Life would Get Better when I Got an iPhone, and It Did

Jack Morgan's iPhone
I got myself an iPhone a few weeks ago. It's the first new phone I've bought in 5 years, and it was worth it. I hear a lot of people complaining about things I've never noticed (it doesn't support stereo bluetooth headsets), but even the shortcomings I do notice are tolerable in light of everything it does well.

Every morning, I read the NY Times and the AP to find out what has happened around the world while I've been sleeping. I check my emails to see who wants things from me. I play a Tetris-type game. I text people. I check my Twitter. And all of that happens before I get out of bed.

When I'm out and about, I take pictures that I can instantly add to my twitter or to my blog. The GPS makes me a little blue dot on the Google Maps so that I always know where I am going and where I am. When I get one of those texts that ask "Where you at?" I can give people latitude and longitude if I were a jerk like that. When I'm hungry, I can look for vegan-friendly spots that are open and near my current location.

I also like the way it organizes calendar events and text messages. My calendar automatically syncs with my laptop, and I can see every text message I've ever sent or received in a chat-like window that makes me feel like I can look back on how my relationships with people have developed. Speaking of syncing, everything's automatic. I remember when USB came out standard on Macs and how excited I was about the possibilities. The iPhone, more than ten years later, finally seems to live up to the USB's potential. It even charges while it syncs.

And it has an iPod inside of it.

I wish it would be able to copy and paste lines of text. I can't believe it can't.

Another nice feature is that the iPhone has a little switch on its side that makes it silent without waking it up. It doesn't have to make a sound to tell you that it won't make anymore sounds . I think it is utterly ridiculous and laugh every time a person in a theater audience turns off/silences their phone only to make a superfluous sound effect of a plane flying by or a silly copyrighted tone.

My iPhone has improved my life more than any other gadget I've ever had, seen, or heard of.
I love my iPhone. I have the 16 gig one, but I got it in black.

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