Monday, August 4, 2008

Going back to Cali

My Apple and I made it back to California last night without speeding tickets or airplane disaster. I think that Christine the flight attendant had asthma by the way she said the safety instructions.

I am too tall for airplanes.

I had to give back the red Mustang convertible that made me look like a middle aged, drug dealing douche. It was a fun car to drive through Virginia with the top down and the sirius radio blasting, so I was sadto give it up.

Of course, my last night in Staunton broke my heart.
If you've been someplace for a while, you are destined to meet that place's coolest person moments before you leave. I met the owner of the local tea shop in Staunton, and we hit it off and had one great night of laughter and youth.

We watched the sun scale up over the ducks in the park.

Very sad to have to leave.

But now I am back in California. Everyone's in town except Stark, but he'll be back soon. Time to start thinking about the future again.

I'll ask poetry what she thinks about it.


Mzungu-Jacob said...

The Darjeeling is a pretty cool place is it not? I'm glad you were able to make friends while you visited our little town. I am glad to have made your acquiantance. Doubtful ours should ever again cross but if ever they should I tell you all about Uganda, Africa and whether or I felt streched.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I like Staunton very much and am looking forward to a trip back.

I hope that you make a difference in Africa and that Africa makes a difference to you.

thatramongirl said...

All right, all right, you can HAVE Staunton! :) Just teasing. But MB is my soul sister and I like reading nice things about her.