Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Stuff I Did While You Were at Home Sleeping

photo by Sudweeks

Yesterday was pretty awesome. It took us a while to decide what kind of adventure we needed to go on yesterday. I thought it would be good to climb a mountain and try to see Mt. Whitney, which is rather far away. Ryan Stark decided that Mt. Diablo was our best bet, and Vince Penuela said something like, "fuck yeah," and Jack Morgan said "word." On the very top of the mountain there is a building with an old rusty light. The floor of that building is left open so that you can stand on the stoney peak. The old man who spends his days up there knows a lot about everything you can see, including faults and other geological things and stuff about the animals and the little birds and yellow butterflies. We also scaled rocks and stood atop boulders to look at the wind.

There was a Vespa club hanging out up there. If I weren't such big person, I would buy a Vespa.

Then we went to E.J. Phair in Concord. They have really good beer, but the cool thing was that they served me one of the best vegan meals I've had. It could have been due to my great hunger, but I loved their vegan wrap. It was really incredible. I never thought that I would want to go back to Concord, but that E.J. Phair is worth a trip to the East East Bay.

After that, we stopped for showers. And we ended up at Ben and Nick's and after that closed, there were many more of us, including a famous rock star, another famous poet, some of my dearest friends, so we all went to the Graduate and stayed until 4:AM. I made one woman cry, but later she laughed. It's hard being my friend sometimes. Over all, it was a pretty wonderful day filled with adventure, exploration, friends, and drinks.

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