Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and the City

You won't believe it, and I don't believe it, but I pretty much totally loved the "Sex and the City" movie. I am cracking up right now that I actually liked it so much.

First, everything that sucked about the show is not there. Well, it is there, but the materialistic bullshit that pervades the show is shown as something that just might cost more than it's worth. That is, the Romanesque decadence the ladies of the series bask in, which is nothing of much more substance than the idea that acquiring more shit will make you happy, comes toppling down in favor of something sweeter and more important. It actually accomplishes what the fans and the makers of the show have been telling everyone was the point this whole time. This time around, you might even believe that the message of "Sex and the City" is that love and friendship are the only things worth anything, that love is the only label that doesn't go out of style.

Along the way, the film points at every fantasy you could reasonably have today while still managing to tug the strings attached to your, you know, emotions and stuff. In fact, every emotional response you could reasonably expect from a film is aptly evoked by Carrie Bradshaw and her ubiquitous GF's. There were some cynics in the theater with me, but I think that once you've accepted the parallel universe these characters inhabit, you owe it to yourself to go along with the fairy tale.

I laughed a lot, I damn near let a tear fall out of my head a couple times in the sad parts(!), and I feel like calling up every woman who made me watch that stupid show and thanking them.

There is one part in the film that looks like it came out of Rome. If you have a rehearsal dinner like that, you might deserve very bad things.

I wish they edited out all the parts where she says "I am a writer."
I laughed every time she said anything about writing.


Jennifer B said...

You are so cool. This made me want to watch it 500 times more. I'm not usually into chick flick things but I love Sex and the City and with all the overdone hype about it..i'm geekly excited to see it.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

You should bask in your geekliness! No shame!
Totally worth the price of admission.

Maurice Burford said...

I went with girlfriend to see it and thought I would hate. But that movie was actually really entertaining and funny. Don't tell anybody. But I really liked it.