Friday, May 16, 2008

A Poem, Some News, the Everlasting Sadness and Anger of Small Animals in the Summertime when It's too Hot to Think.

Genius Laser Star

I have so much hair on my head now
I look like I am a star
on Battlestar Glactica
the one where the Cylons
look like Chevrolets
and everyone smiles a lot
and everyone kind of loves each other.
I want to buy bellbottoms and a laser pistol 
or a ray gun.

The only letter in my mailbox
is addressed to smart consumer.
Inside are dozens of coupons
with pictures of people smiling.
Meat lovers pizza.
Checks with animals on them.
Dog food & free heartworm test.
Laser surgery.

I finished a big translation project right now.  Brecht's Jakob Apfelböck, oder die Lilie auf dem Felde.  It's pretty awesome.  I think it is some of my best work.  I wish I could post it here, but it is rather image heavy.  I've been working on a new translation theory that I think might change some things in translation or at least get people talking about changing things or at least make some old school translators really angry or at least dismissive. 

Tonight my friend Paul Ebenkamp is reading at CCA in SF around 7:00.  It would be great to see you there, whoever you are.  Please do not bring machine guns.

If you feel like a little torture, you can watch the video of Lunch Poems.  I am at 59:00. 

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