Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who Thought a Poem about Lightning Could Be so Boring?

I went to a reading tonight.
I wish I hadn't.
The people reading had all the right poetry friends, though. Good for them.

I think it's funny that I only see certain people at really bad readings. They come out to support their friends. From now on, if I see certain people at readings, I am going to be on my guard for horrific poetry.

The clique I'm referring to consists of people who like me and people who hate me, and that's good. But if they only go to the bad readings, why are they still involved in poetry at all? If I only went to bad readings, I would stop going to readings all together. Supporting your friends is nice—kudos! But is it worth it if it's always crappy? I think not. If every time you go into a room, someone pours a bucket of corn syrup on you, will you go back in?

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