Monday, April 14, 2008


505 Poetry Series
Second Monday of the month
Boxcar Playhouse, 505 Natoma St, San Francisco
8 PM
minimum donation $7

April 14, 2008
Poetry by Daphne Gottlieb
Poetry by Jack Morgan
Music: Steven Clark's Amok Time

There is a Yahoo! question about poetic attire. The answer is bad. Here is the real answer.

Tonight will be a big reading. It will be very fun. I am excited about it. I missed a good reading last night because I simply can't be two places at once anymore.

I went to a kick-ass biker bar in Port Costa yesterday. Incredible.

There's a spot on the sidebar now that polls you as to whom you think the most bad-ass poetry on earth is. Who will win? VOTE!


Cameron said...

Somebody (I won't say any names, in case they don't do it) told me that they were pissed off at you and were going to make a scene at your reading tonight... just to give you a heads up.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Tell him if he tries something, I am going to kick the shit out of him this time around. Poets need a good brawl from time to time.

Pirate Poet said...

You wish you could, you punk bitch.
Make sure you bring some frozen peas or something for your black eye and bruised ego.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

This is funny now. Can't people like you do anything else but follow me around? I thought I shook you off my coattails long ago, but there you are again.

You're too much of a coward to actually come to see me read. You're probably the sycophant who stole and hid my chapbooks at Pegasus. How small are you that you continue in such a way? How petty!

Any time you want to really throw down. Any time at all. I'm up for it.

Jennifer B said...

you have to admit, it's quite the compliment that this pirate poet guy spends so much time on you. i wish someone would hate me that much. i guess i just have to write more awesome poetry.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

It's nice having so many people thinking about me. But you don't have to be that awesome to impress the likes of these small-minded fuddy-duddies.

Jennifer B said...

ok, the fact that you just used the term 'fuddy-duddy' made my whole week.