Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pound Me, Ezra, Pound Me Right in My Wasteland

I was looking on Youtube for things on Ezra Pound. This is what I found. I wanted to say something nasty about him and his friends, but this video says it all, I think.

Funny, I looked to find a David Thomas animation that I saw at Spike and Mike's when I was a teenager, and I couldn't find it anywhere online. I don't seem to be able to find any of the things I am looking for on Youtube.
Just to let you know, the GRE is a piece of cake. It takes a lot out of you. . . I mean, it is quite exhausting. But it's easy. All you people telling me how hard it is! Come on. I didn't even take the study test. I didn't take a class or any of that crap. I love you for worrying about me, but you must think very little of me if you thought I was going to do poorly on that travesty.

I would love to rant right now about how ridiculous the idea of standardized testing is, but I assume that you are an intelligent person since you are reading my humble ramblings and thus will spare you. I will say nonetheless that the smartest people I know, the ones with whom I would love to have conversations regarding literature and almost anything else, seem to do fairly on the GRE subject test. The stupid or evil people I know, the ones with whom I would never want to speak regarding anything sublunary, either do poorly or extremely well. The ones at the top and the bottom either know too much about bull shit or not enough about anything that matters. Odd I think. Do universities know this? They should. I think that, regardless where my score lands, universities should only take people from the middle range of applicants and dismiss all others.


savage pig barn said...

is this a "cry for help"?

Glenn Ingersoll said...

good ol' Ez!

Sky Jack Morgan said...

This is a cry, but not for help.
It was quite easy. A little BS how they want you to remember some BS jargon no one cares about, but other than that....