Saturday, March 8, 2008

We tried live blogging, but...

Yeah, it didn't go because I don't have a "smart" phone.
My life sucks that way. I wished very much for an iPhone.
But we did take this picture of me in the beginning.
I had a great time on our adventure.
It was a bit hard going two nights in a row like we did, but I realize why people celebrate their birthdays. They find out who their real friends are.

The Shark gave me a real captain's hat. It's not some party store shit. It's the real deal. It''s a great hat. Someone bought me a drink, a guy named Chris Oaks, for loaning him the hat for just long enough to take a picture with it on. He had a good story about his GM or something.

I don't like the idea of ranking friends, so I don't think I will celebrate my birthday again for a long time, but this adventure was pretty good. Maybe I'll talk more about it when it isn't three am.
You know, on this Jack Morgan blog, I said Jennifer Best's blog was the best. But she isn't blogging right now, and I wish she were. It kind of makes me look like an ass hole when I tell a bunch of people to watch a blog and it isn't live.


Jennifer B said...

I have only one excuse: wordpress hasn't been letting me post. I do not like wordpress.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Didn't you get a tattoo or something?

Wordpress does funny things. But it's prettier, sometimes, than Blogger.