Saturday, March 8, 2008

Adventure Hat

The Shark gave me a real captain's hat for my birthday. It's made by Dorfman Pacific Co.
I wore it on the ferry and it would not fly off my head despite my putting my head directly into the wind.
I love this hat. I hope to wear it on many adventures to come.

My mother gave me an old book of Wordsworth poems that has an inscription dated 1875. Pretty awesome. I think I am going to repair it. I've never repaired a book despite knowing how.

I hope that you, dearest reader of my destruction, are having good adventures.

I found this article interesting. It is quite short despite its looking long. I think Berkeley is a lot like Yale. Berkeley was started by mostly Yale grads and the blue in our school colors is Yale Blue to represent that.


Jennifer B said...

I like your hat. It definitely looks like an Adventure Hat.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Thanks! I am very adventurous. My hats make me that way I guess.