Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jack Morgan: Bouncing Back Like Nobody's Business

The Irish boys were not disappointing. I had such high hopes for Wednesday's reading, and I was not let down. It would have been such a bummer seeing as how I was quit bummed for most of the day.

Trevor Joyce read like an Irish engine, rough, fast, and clear as an Irish spring.

Fergal Gaynor read Triads and Stepping Poems that were rather delicious to behold.

They had a stunning Finnish fiddler with them, which was fun to write just now and even more fun to hear.

There are many reasons why the Irish were one of the best readings I've been to in a while, but I want to talk about something much cooler.
The most amazing people are involved in MAPP. I feel it is a privilege just to hang out with them, and to work with them is a blessing.

Sara Mumolo and Jack Morgan are together on one of the best things in the world! Can you believe it? Of course you can. We are teaming up with Diana McCullough and Carlos Castillo at L's Caffe in the Mission, SF, for a night of poetry, music, and art. One of the goals on this is to bridge the gap between East and West bay poetics, so I hope a lot of you east bayers make it out. Starts at 7. More info to come.
So, in other words, after Irish poetry and a night in the Mission, I am back in action and on my way back to the top.
Today the rain is not as sad as it was. I am supposed to see King Lear at an outdoor theater tonight, and I hope the rain quits, but other than that, everything is fantastic. Thanks for all of your emails and text messages.
Everyone knowing I was doldrumming was an unexpected benefit of the internet. Knowing that people give a crap about you is sometimes all you need to spring you out of a rut.
Thanks also to all of those who rejoice in my failures. Sometimes you keep me going more than anything else.

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