Friday, October 5, 2007

Holloway: Ted Pearson, Epilogue

He was incredibly nice, but Nathaniel Mackey made me so nervous, I hardly got to talk with him last night. My friend Mia said something like, "they're just like you." I said, "Nathaniel Mackey is better than I am in every way that I can think of. That makes it difficult to speak with him." So I didn't get to say much to him at dinner. There I was at dinner with Nate Mackey, and all I could say was, "I really totally dug your reading at De Young." That's it. I am a lame-o.

You know who's also cool? Ted Pearson. Ted Pearson is so cool he has cool to spare. If you're out of cool, you can ask Ted Pearson for some. His reading was very, very great. I can't believe how good the Holloway is this season. The grad students seem to be stepping up this semester, too. Its speaking at Maude Fife is kind of hard, but they are doing a good job. Sookyoung Lee did a good job.

I'd read some of Ted Pearson's work, so I went to the reading with high hopes, which is always dangerous. But his reading went as well as a reading could. It was a bit long, but that's OK because his poetry rocks and his reading voice is enviable. I liked the reading a lot.

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