Saturday, October 6, 2007

Art Murmur

A smart chick with a good eye took this picture of me yesterday. It is the best Jack Morgan picture ever because you can't see his hideous countenance. It was taken with my phone.

Last night was Art Murmur in Oakland. I love Art Murmur. I love Oakland. I would like to live there some day. Last night was particularly good, but I only want to talk about our friends at 21 Grand, who had a poetic exhibition.

Joseph Lease was there, in person and on the walls. I like this idea. I would like to see more poetry on walls in galleries. It's not like this is an original idea, but it's fairly rare, and I am always happy when people make an installation using poetry. People enjoy it, and it gives them something to talk about. It's hard to talk about art for some people, I think. It's hard for me sometimes.

Part of going to art walks is talking about the art, no? But sometimes I have to think a long time before I can articulate my opinions on art. In poetry, I can at least talk about what ideas I find cool or what tricks I see or what I think is "too loud" or whatever. It's all pretension, really, but I like talking about art and poetry, and I like it when they are found in close proximity of one another.

Good job, 21 Grand!

Oh Bartleby! Oh humanity!

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CLAY BANES said...

makes me feel sad (pause) for the rest.