Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Your Permission Makes Me Happy.

Thanks for your permission to do what I want with whom I want.
I have always needed more permissions.

I reset the permissions on my brains so that I can date whoever I want. Isn't that exciting? Soon I will be in the right mind to write my poem. Stop pushing, I know what I'm doing.

What is really exciting is that I am doing a poster for a Moe's reading for Patrick Durgin. Clay gave me permission because he is the most wondrous man in poetry.

I am a little giddy to be able to do a poster for Moe's and Patrick Durgin. I hope they like my poster. It is nerve-wracking thinking about it.

Sorry for Snake is coming strong. It is keeping my mind busy, and it will be the coolest small journal you have ever seen. It is wondrous and exciting.


Jenny Drai said...

They are so cool. You know what I'm talkking about.

B said...

I think I enjoy pictures of half-naked AutoMatrons more than pictures of the Bibliothèque Nationale Richelieu in a poetry blog.

Keep on keeping it real.