Saturday, September 22, 2007

Absurd Good News

I didn't just kind of like Julien Poirier's book, I thought it was fantastic. I mean, I really, really, really liked it. The language inside is delectable on pages too grey. The cover is nice paper with nice ink. It has cartoons that are like palate-cleansing sorbet between courses. It's all imbued with an energy that I think is often lacking in books of poetry, one that I aspire to. It's not that clumsy exuberance that is going around like the flu this season, but like an orchestrated effort done with great enthusiasm.
It makes me want to submit my book to Insert Press. My book is called The Haunting of Ninja Town. I think it would be perfect for them, but my friend, Salinger, wants me to wait until someone asks me for it. He doesn't think I should submit it. He thinks submitting is selling out. I don't know. Everyone who's read it thinks it's really good, but, , , whatever.

I think that Julien Poirier is a little bit of a genius. When I picked up the book, I thought, "wow, this looks so L.A." and then I noticed that it was a book by Insert Press, and I thought that it was weird that they are actually from L.A. What made me think of L.A.? I think it was the cartoons. They remind me of Bukowski in a way. I am from L.A. originally.

I met Stan Apps at a barbeque that Salinger organized. He was a nice person. His press is nice, too. I don't know anything about Mathew Timmons, but I bet he's nice because Apps started Insert with him. Poirier is not from L.A. I think I remember hearing that he was from the S.F. Bay, but there's no bio in the book, so I'm not sure. I know he's involved with one of my favorite things in the world: Ugly Duckling.

Thank you , Insert Press. Thank you, Julien Poirier


Kathryn said...

i love ugly duckling too.

i want to read your book. can venom literati read it? if you say yes you will be invited to our next meeting and we'll write amorous/important letters to you.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Yes. I would love for you guys to read it.
I love Venom Literati!