Friday, May 4, 2007

Yesterday and Tonight. The End of an Issue/ the Celebration

Yesterday was Lunch Poems. It's a Robert Hass thing, and it's a big deal for a lot of folks. Four Trainwreck Union members were invited to read. They were all wondrous. Hass left early, hurting my feelings greatly.

Then we had to go tot he dean to finally end the whole police/Trainwreck thing. People ask me about this all the time, and it's finally over. All's well that ends well. No details here for obvious reasons, but it's over. IT'S OVER!

I hope that everything will get better as we can concentrate on what we set out originally to do. Have great publications, fantastic events, and marvelous projects of all sorts with the most talented people around.
Why not get started on that tonight?! Tonight is our famous open mic at Nabolom Bakery. I hope that you all come out and celebrate a new chapter in Trainwreck Union history. This has been a very hard semester. We have all run the gamut of emotions. The failures, triumphs, tears, and fears have all come to this. Come celebrate with us.

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