Saturday, May 5, 2007

Can't Win 'em All.

Every once in a while, the entire universe aligns so that there is no way to avoid a disaster. Last night was one of those times. First, one little Trainwreck got sick. . . really sick. Her being sick meant that we lost our venue. Then, we lost our P.A. because the Trainwreck that owns it also shares it with someone else, and it was in use. Then we got the venue back. Then traffic was so bad it looked like we wouldn't have wine back at the reading until much too late for anyone's enjoyment. Then we found out that we could only use the space until 8:30. Then Alex Snipes was abducted by people who think he knows a little too much. Then Anne Carson was reading at DeYoung, and a bunch of people just gave up and went there. Then people started to scramble to make sure that the open mic would still continue, but it was impossible. At five o'clock, it was all clearly bootless. But I finally get to use the picture I have been saving for a true failure. That picture is one of my favorites. Sometimes the bridge is just out.

Sorry for letting all of you down.

Such a calamity will not befall the Grand Central reading at 21 Grand on 13 May. We had an organizational meeting last night concerning that reading, and everyone seems to be on the same page and on track! Wow!

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