Wednesday, February 13, 2008

+++shooooooting stars+++

I also wanted to tell you all that I am so proud that last weekend's reading went so well at La Galeria De La Raza with Aardvark. It was one of those few triumphs one comes across in his travels that one never forgets. The peregrinations of a poetaster are just not paved with such passionate gloamings all the time; they come in patches.

There was an energy that made you feel like the poetry scene is not all bad, that it is not all sticky and gross, that it is actually filled with really cool and exciting people. It made me want to pack up my bags and move to the Mission. I love San Francisco, but I love Oakland more. But last Saturday made me rethink that for a second.

I've talked about Joseph Lease here before. I've been to a couple of his readings. This one, though, was filled with a tension that I seldom witness. It was one of those readings that makes you forget how boring so many readings are. It made me feel like going to readings again. I have been taking a break from them, and now I am going to take the torch back up and start scouring the world of poetry readings for something worthwhile. Something at least as worthwhile as last Saturday was.

Jack Morgan's reading was very good, too.

I am not going to do the Holloway posters this season. I feel two ways about this, but I am really relieved and in much better spirits having lost a bunch of face while holding on to my integrity. In art there is only integrity. I know that sounds Klischee, but I think that it is one of those true ones. I spelled that word in German because I think it looks more like what it is in German. Writing Klischee in French, like most people do, lends something to the term that it doesn't deserve, methinks.

I would rather be a poor artist with a shred of integrity than a rich one who can't look himself in the mirror without rationalizing his behavior.

Tonight there is a reading at Pegasus I will go to. Andrew Zawacki is reading. Should be quite good.

Jack Morgan is reading next Saturday, the 23rd, at Back Room Live with Jarrod Roland, at Mc Nally's pub on College. Please be there.


Cameron said...

all right all right all right, i'll come to this back room live. Although I am a bit disappointed that the greedy bitch of the flu kept me from going to the race gallery reading. Maybe they should just reuse all of your posters from this semester and write the new names in. Just and idea

Sky Jack Morgan said...

Or they could just write names on lined paper.