Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Positively Yours

Lately so much negativity,
I'll mention someone who has integrity.

We haven't always seen eye to eye, yes we've certainly had our differences,
but I want to call your attention to a person whom, for better or worse, I am proud to count
among my friends: Valyntina Grenier.

A year ago, she started a reading series called Back Room Live;
I have been to almost all of them.
McNally's Irish pub on College Ave is a loud place for poetry;
that's exactly what I love.

Valyntina's reading series has turned into somewhat of an institution.
It gets bigger every time.
When I read there, it was for only a few peeps;
last time there were almost fifty friendly faces.

This month, Jack Morgan will read there again.
This time with Jarrod Roland, fiction writer and friend.

the 23rd of February is a date I hope you'll remember
because I hope to see you there,
but I also hope you remember
"Valyntina Grenier"
trainwreck union member
& curator extraordinaire.

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