Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cupcakes and Poetry

Last night was the last poetry-related event that I will be attending this year. Liz Howe, the genius behind Sorry for Snake's last cover, is also a baker and baked delicious, and I mean DELICIOUS!, cupcakes, and we had a living room reading. I am sorry I didn't tell you about it, but it was "invite only" because Liz's house has limited space for such an event.

We drank sherry and port and ate cupcakes and listened to sweet-themed music. It was a wonderful way to put this year to rest. I'm sorry that so many of you had to miss it.

I am getting sentimental now because it really has been a phenomenal year for poetry and me. I published two chapbooks and four journals. I designed more posters and flyers for poetic events than I can remember. I went to countless readings. I won a fancy award and got published a bunch of times. I forged friendships and created enemies. I have met some of the coolest, most amazing people I have encountered in my life. I curated successful events. I shot myself in the foot and then put it in my mouth so many times that I have to pause to laugh at my own stupidity and pettiness. I've said things I need to apologize for. I've done things that deserve pats on the back.

For the remainder of this year, this blog will deal primarily with tying up some loose ends. I think that you will like it. It will be sweet as we open up old wounds and drink some sherry and ruby port together.

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