Sunday, December 23, 2007

Michael N.

Dear Michael N.,

You would have gotten an apology almost immediately from me had it not been for then unexpected involvement of Suze Stein. I have started walking toward you with the intention of apologizing many times now, but some other nonsense has stopped me again and again. So, I am doing it here, the most public way of apology I have available to me.

You made me angry, and I handled it poorly, and for that I am sorry. But neither of us has really done anything to the other aside from a little trash talking, and I don't see any reason why we have to do it anymore.

I hope that in the new year, and in a new bar, we can all sit at a table together instead of being lame about it like we were last time we ran into each other. I actually don't even have a problem with you.

I know that we will never be best friends or anything like that, but I hope that we can pretend like all this pettiness between us never happened, and I will try my hardest to be a grown-up about any aesthetic arguments that come up.

Yours in the new year,

Jack Morgan

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