Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Universe Fucking: An open letter to Max Perkins on his birthday

Dear Max,

I know it feels like the universe is a malevolent force or at least an indifferent one.

I've decried the fools who have the nerve to tell the downtrodden if they put good vibes out into the universe, the universe will reward them with good luck. It's an offensive conceit. Anyone whose breath's been knocked from their guts knows no good vibes will save them.

You've elucidated through postings and rants how you feel about the universe and those who espouse stupid Sufi sayings in defense of universe fucking. And yeah, fuck the universe I guess. Who cares anyway?

But it seems to me you're wrong about one fundamental thing: separation from the universe is a persistent and tricky illusion.

You are the universe. You're a tiny, maybe insignificant part. But that's kind of cool I think.

The universe is infinite, so you're infinite.

It's usually pretty beautiful too.

So indeed, the universe doesn't care about you or me just as our bodies and minds don't care about us, but that really shouldn't matter.

And hey, being an infinite being part of a swirling glowing expanse is pretty nifty, right?

Your pal in the void (there's no such thing as a void),

Sky Jack Morgan

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