Monday, July 21, 2014

Smart Mouth

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When I went to GABF last year, I got to hang with the guys from Smartmouth Brewing. They are nice people who make good beer up in Norfolk. I got to try some of their stuff on brewer's night at Wynkoop, and enjoyed it immensely.

You can't get their beer where I live, but when I see it on my travels, I always get a pint. They're canning now, which is nice. Canning is becoming that thing craft brewers have said it would be. I've been listening for years how it would be the norm one day. Mark Thompson is always touting the benefits of canning. Wild Wolf does the same in their ads. Yesterday I had a Heady Topper whose can implored me at length to drink it directly from its aluminum chamber. I didn't. I'm not afraid of sediment. Are bottle shops going to be can shops soon?

Anyway, Smartmouth is doing something cool for Virginia Beer Month (August). They are expanding their capacity by 75% and offering tons of firkins at their tasting room. Not bad, eh?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting up with these guys again in August. I also hope their increase in capacity means they might be stretching out into the Shenandoah Valley soon.

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