Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just an update

Would you buy beer and wine from this guy? Well, that's what people all over Virginia have been doing. Not so much wine yet, but my company is a little new to it in my neck of the proverbial woods. Last night I was in Lynchburg where they have been selling wine for years, and I took home 6 cases of wine. I'm supposed to try them and know them by the end of the month so we can start blowing up the Shenandoah valley with wine. A great many things are unclear to me at the lament, but that has been a common theme for me lver the last year. 

Last week I did two events that I've been calling Kona Luaus. I love any excuse to wear a Hawaiian shirt especially if that has anything to with beer. I've fallen in love with the Kona brand. It's the perfect easy drinking beer from the islands. Plus, they've made me change my mind about fruit beers. Their Wailua Wheat seasonal has passion fruit in it, and although I'm usually quite apprehensive about anything people stick fruit into, I was pleasantly surprised the first time I drank it. I also drove around with the Kona Rep Julia. She's cool. 

I've met a lot of great people since I started working for VA Eagle. I love all the brewers and brewery reps. And the people at the company are usually pretty different from me, but we get along well, and I like them. It's a good team. Plus, I still get to work with restaurant people, and I've always loved restaurant people. 

So that's me for now. Awesome right? Life is pretty good. DFTBA yourself. 

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