Saturday, October 20, 2012


  • Beer: Paulaner Hefeweizen because I lived in Germany and loved sitting at the palace cafe beer garden with a Hefeweizen. 
  • Wine: Jack London Zinfandel from Kenwood in Sonoma because Jack London is one of my favorite writers and this wine is made on his farm.
  • Liquor: Fernet Branca because my band drinks it together and it reminds me of awesome places and people I've encountered. 
  • Movie: Chinatown because its about where I grew up and it takes place in a glamorous time.
  • Band: Murder Bros. because it's my own creation. 
  • Restaurant: the Darjeeling Cafe because it has an incredible wine list and great food and vegan options. 
  • Bar: Door 74 in Amsterdam because of our awesome adventure there and the best, most creative bartenders. 
  • Hotel: Hotel Boheme in Sn Francisco because it's in North Beach and Ginsberg and Kerouac have stayed there. Plus, six o'clock sherry
  • Car: Porsche 911 for fun, Cadillac CTS for style. 
  • Author: Jack London because he inspires adventure and ethics. 
  • Clothes: Band of Outsiders suits because they are modern and sexy.

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