Monday, June 18, 2012

Should I write erotica?

It has been suggested that I write erotic fiction. This brings a few questions to mind:
  1. Should I do it?
  2. If I do it, what kind? I've always thought Anaïs Nin was a genius, but do people still buy or like poeti erotica anymore?
  3. Should I write under a pseudonym? I dislike nom de plumes, generally.
People tell me there is money in erotica if you're prolific. I'm not sure that's true because I just don't know any rich erotica writers. But it would be nice to have something out there bringing something in other than my poetry book, which is doing really well, considering it's my first full-length book. I don't know if writing erotica would help or hurt me either. For example, if I use my real name writing erotica, should I use a fake name to write a children's book in the future? Will it make my literary and poetic work seem less serious? I have always been the kind of writer who just writes what he wants and sees what sticks, so these are all new worries for me. It makes me think that I'm being self-important. I mean, who really cares anyway?

If someone is into poetry and sees that I've written a children's book, they might not even make a connection that it's the same person who wrote both. Smut makes it all a little more dangerous, though. But in the end, how many Christian housewives are reading smut openly? Tons. These dirty books are sold in big displays in grocery stores. They're  huge sellers. So why would the writers of such smut be frowned upon if the readers leave their spine-broken paperbacks on kitchen tables in plain sight?

When my wife's grandmother was dying, her caretakers all had these dirty little books and read them in front of all of us, inducing grandma. One of them was left in the car, and it was filthy. But these conservative women showed no shame. So why should I?

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