Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Weekend Was Murder

This weekend, the Murder Bros. had a busy one. It's a tough life being a rock star. It's also totally awesome and kind of a dream you don't realize you're living.

First, we went to Mary Baldwin College (an all-woman school in Staunton) for their Second Annual School of Rock Concert. We played a great show, I think. The sound was pretty good, and the people there were nice. My guitar strap failed during the performance of our song Fernet again ( I don't know why that song and my guitar strap don't get along), but instead of toughing it out trying to hold the guitar upright or on one foot with my knee there to support it, someone came up from the audience and helped fasten it without even missing a beat. Fucking rock and roll. I gave him a free Murder Bros. T-Shirt.

The next day we played the Rock Town Rollers Roller Derby Bout Halftime Show! How incredible is that? There were a lot of people there, and many of them said it sounded good. We lucked out because Nancy from Courting Harlots happened to show up and had happened to find a bunch of extension chords and power strips the night before so happened to have them on hand. Without her, we would have been pretty crestfallen.

After that, we played the After Party at the Artful Dodger. That was a great time, too. It was our first time playing there, and I think there will be many more. A few people approached us about playing with them or at their venues, so I guess we played really well. The people who work there are fantastic.

Thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who helped make this weekend really rock for the Murder Bros.

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