Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have You Seen Dead Snow?

A Norwegian Movie about Zombie Nazis? Achtung!

Have you seen Dead Snow or DØD SNØ? Do you think Nazis make good bad guys? Do you think Zombies are great monsters? You need to see this then. Basically, it's a teen horror movie. Put a bunch of kids in an isolated house and systematically kill them off. But the director seems to know what he's doing. . . or seemed to at least have had a great love for that type of film because he kept in all the things that make teen horrors fun and left out all the crap that slows them down or makes them stupid. They don't really explain why the Nazis have remained preserved other than they are imbued with evil. They don't try to teach you something "important" about "humanity" or try to make you "identify yourself" in a particular character. It's just a good horror flick that doesn't try to be more than it is. And if you're into having a good time with a movie, you should like it very much. Scandinavians have been making some pretty awesome movies lately when it comes to horror. I mean, have you seen Let the Right One In?
Try watching it with these frozen brrraaaains!

If you like fun, and you like zombies, and you hate Nazis, you'll love this movie. Check it out. Here's the trailer:

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