Saturday, May 30, 2009

Asthma: This Is how I will Die

My asthma has been keeping me pretty much out of action this week. Yesterday, I thought I had to go to the ER twice! Sometimes, when it's really hard to breathe, I think, "this is how I am going to die. Maybe not today, but like this." It's hard to have real thoughts when you're brain isn't getting any oxygen.

I opened the fridge to get some mustard, and I felt like I had run a mile.

The asthma websites want me to be vegan. I am vegan. They want me to stop drinking redwine in the summer. I have put all my bottles away for the season. I haven't drunk a drop of alcohol in a week. They want me to put tea tree oil in a towel and breath through the towel. It stings my nose and makes my lips numb.

I bought bottles of MSM, Magnesium, Chinese healthy lung, and a multi-vitamin. When I take the handful of pills at once, I think, "This must be what it feels like to be a chicken." Chickens swallow gravel to help chew their food.

When you're having an attack, you try anything to stop it. I hate Albuterol and all other rescue meds, but I suck down a shit ton of them when it looks like my lips might go blue. When you're trying anything and everything, it's hard to know what works and what doesn't. Perhaps it all works in concert. I take long hot baths that are uncomfortably warm because a website told me that would help dilate my bronchial tubes.

This is how I will die.


Becky Zinn said...

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Unknown said...

I suffer from severe asthma. As a child, I was so allergic, my room had to be cleaned thoroughly every day. Even the very smell of cigarette smoke on someone's clothes produced an attack. My asthma is related to my allergies. Once the sinus drip starts, the asthma starts and then I have pnuemonia. I have found several treatments that work, both expensive and non-expensive. 1) I took Xopenex (brochialdialator) and Pulmicort (anti-inflammatory) using a Nebulizer. Xopenex is albuterol WIHOUT the side effects. This is great for both preventive and immediate attacks. 2) For those on a monetary budget, you can use Q-Var (cortico-steriod) and MaxAir (bronchialdialator). I have also found that elements, such as the cold weather, can trigger attacks easily with me. It's scary, more than one night I have gone to bed thinking, "Is this my last night?" But I also know that with all the medicines out there, it is dramatically decreased my chances of dying from it. I have had this since I was a baby and I am now 24. If it is kept under control with actual medicine and not home remedies, you will be fine. Contact me if I can help! Good luck.