Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Blows Pops

It was hard to find vegan goodies for trick-or-treaters. I thought it would be easier. It's amazing what kind of shit is in some of those treats.

I settled on Blow Pops. Blow Pops are not totally vegan if you are really strict, but they're close enough. I don't really care about "shared equipment."

Tonight, I will watch scary movies and give out Blow Pops until they are all gone. I was thinking about going to a party in San Diego, but my friend told me I should brush up on my beer-pong skills for it. I have never played beer-pong. I don't like parties where beer-pong is played.

I just looked at the ceiling for a full minute trying to remember which drinking games I liked when I needed an excuse to get drunk. I stopped playing them in high school. In Europe, there are games involving oddly-shaped glasses that require skill to drink from. The object is never to get drunk or to stay sober, but to drink without making a mess of yourself. The person who spills the drink on their face or front gets laughed at by everyone else. I like those games.

I will have more fun giving out Blow Pops and watching Trailer Park of Terror than playing beer-pong.

Here is a Nugget Halloween E-Card for all of you.

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