Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack Morgan invented the skull emoticon

I invented the most bad ass emoticon. It's a skull because I don't have a skull ring anymore, and Tony Creed won't give me one for free even though I totally put him in the first Murdercycle. I think poor celebrities should get more free things.

Anyway, I invented the skull ring for the digital age. Someday Google will call me and ask me if they can incorporate it into their smileys on their Google Talk, and I will say, "yes of course, Google, I love you so much that you can have my skull ring for free."

Mike Young and Sara Mumolo, two poets who are very upstanding citizens and members of their respective communities have already declared in signed and notarized documents that I, Jack Morgan, invented the digital skull ring/emoticon/smiley, so don't try and take the credit with your friends.

And now, without further ado, I present to you my newest contribution to the free world:



savage pig barn said...

i <3 º..º the free world

Sky Jack Morgan said...

1 º..º ƒ|_|x0r t3h ƒr33 w0rld!