Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rolled Like a Mexican Joint, Rock and Roll Harlot-Killers

Dear everybody,

A while back my blog roll disappeared. I was unsure why it happened. I have been dreading putting the work into rebuilding it. If you think you should be on my blog roll, please send me a link, and I will make it happen. If you were on there before, please tell me, so I can start reading your blog again.

I like having a longish roll.

I think size matters when it comes to blog rolls and I think that mine is inadequate.

Help. Please advise.

Your friend,

Jack Morgan

P.S., I know I haven't published any poetry lately, but that's because I've felt artistically stifled. But worry not, gentles, I have been working on bad-ass motorcycle poems that will make your mothers cry.

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Bryan Coffelt said...

you can fold me into your blog roll if you want. i have two blogs:

main blog --

book review blog --