Monday, August 18, 2008

Free Chapbook: Three Column Table by Harold Abramowitz

*UPDATE* This book is spoken for; thanks!
Today someone asked me why I was doing this, getting rid of all my books. It's hard to describe my sudden impulse to empty my life of influence. I enjoyed reading all these books, but now it's time for someone else to. I also think that I am doing the world a favor by giving away my huge book collection. I put out two free boxes of books I thought were too heavy to mail away in front of my house, and they disappeared in one day. ALL OF THEM! And that felt good. I feel like the books are haunting me like trophy heads. I think that books on shelves serve the same purpose as trophy heads. I read the books, and they should be read again. I probably won't read them again. An elk head is supposed to bump against the heads of other elk. If you shoot an elk, and you hang its head on your wall, the elk head isn't doing its job anymore. It's on your wall to impress your friends or something. But I don't want to impress my friends by how big the elk was I murdered in the forest or with how far my shelves bend beneath the weight of hundreds of books.

The book today is Harold Abramowitz's "Three Column Table." I liked this chapbook. It was put out by Insert Press, people I like very much, and it's printed on really nice paper using a Japanese method whose name I can't remember. I wrote it down somewhere when Mathew Timmons told me, but now I can't find that moleskine right now.

Anyway, I liked this chapbook a lot. At first it looks a bit gimmicky, but after a couple pages, it starts to read very well. I would call it "experimental" if I liked calling things that. And I would also say that I like the way the poetry looks. It looks like some kind of weird instruction booklet from outer-space that will tell us how to save the planet if we could only decode it in time.

If you want this chapbook, you should email me your address! I will send it to you for free, and I will include a copy of an issue of WORK from Union Herald, which is a super-cool poetic journal if you didn't know.

Also, I have added a "DONATE" button on the side of this blog. You don't have to donate anything. But let's say you like this blog, and/or you think it's cool that I am giving all my books away for free, it would be nice to donate. I am a broke poet who doesn't have a job. I will use the money for postage and peanut butter.

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