Friday, July 18, 2008

Car for a Day

Yesterday I got a car. I didn't know what to do.
I went to the Marina and walked to the end of the sea wall and looked at the birds and the peace. I saw an otter. It is the second time I have seen an otter in the "wild."
I watched the sun and a man using a whole squid to catch a shark.
I also saw an American Indian couple from Texas and a very nice family.
One beautiful seagull spread his wings and the wind took like a kite. He landed on the railing right on the other side of the sea wall, making a high arc over my head for no discernible reason.

I drove to the top of Grizzly Peak, the highest point in Berkeley.
I listened to the motorcycles shooting down the mountain and watched the sun stoop lower to reflect off the coming fog. I stood on a log and looked over a forest and a city and a bay and an ocean. My heart beat a little faster.

I wanted to eat at a restaurant I wouldn't eat at if I didn't have a car, so I picked up Tarzan and went to a Thai restaurant on Solano. It was spicy and good, and the waiter was very nice.

We went to the bar, and I asked Bully the bartender what the coolest thing would be to do if you only had a car for one day. He said he would wake everyone up on Lombard St.
I asked Cha Cha, but Cha Cha gave me a stupid answer. Bully said, "seriously, I would drive up to Grizzly Peak."

I said I did, but I also walked into the ocean.

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