Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Mexican Landromat

On Thursday, I went to Clay Banes's going away party. It was sad.
I went to Clay Banes's last reading on Friday at Pegasus. Truong Tran was good, and I got to talk some shit with Achiote press people a little, which was fun, but over all, I was sad.
After the reading I went to a party where there was a good band and nice people, but there was a Republican there, which made me sad.
Last night I went to Ben and Nick's, where I usually go on Saturdays. People who haven't spoken to me for a long time, talked to me, and we all made merry. We ended the night at the Grad, and we danced a lot, and it was like old times, which made me happy.

Generally, you have to weigh under two hundred pounds to go skydiving. People don't want to strap you to their bellies if they think they might snap their femurs on the landing because you're so heavy. Yesterday, I bought a scale at Target. That scale says I have lost four pounds since I last weighed myself at a Mexican laundromat for a quarter. I think that I will look very skinny if I lose another 20 pounds, but we'll see. I need to lose 24 pounds this summer so that I can go skydiving at the end of August. I have a little belly, but not much more to lose, so I might look like Iggy Pop. Being this tall kind of sucks when it comes to extreme sports. When I went bridge bungeeing, I had to wait to be one of the last people to jump because they have to change the ropes for fat people and me. Back then I weighed 210. My last semester of college gave me some pounds. I was drinking more and sitting more. And drinking more. And drinking more and more and more.

Does anyone else think that Target is one of the strangest places on the planet?


Cameron said...

227 today....

check out the shirt in the middle

Sky Jack Morgan said...

I don't believe that you lost ten pounds in one week unless your shoes weighed 9.8 lbs when were at the Mexican Laundromat.

Jennifer B said...

its a a summer of skydiving fun, it seems. that's what i'm getting my boyfriend for his birthday at the end of june. also, target is strange.

csperez said...

yo, i tried to paypal s4snake 4 and paypal butt dont seem to be working. what to do?